Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265 Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265
Vietnam Memorial Wall
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265 Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265
Pvt. Allen J. Beck, Jr. - Allen Jesse Beck, Jr. was born June 16, 1925 to Allen J. Beck, Sr. and Anna Ruth Beck.  He was part of of a close-knit, loving family living in Spring Grove... Read more
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VFW Meeting Schedule
3rd Tuesday - 6:30pm
Veteran / Home Assoc
3rd Tuesday - 8:00pm
Last Tuesday - 7:00pm

Departed Comrades

Fallen Comrade Picture

Taps for you, our Comrades! God rest your eager souls.
Now lie in peaceful slumber, While time around you rolls.
In some great, glad tomorrow, an Angel from the skies
shall sound the call of Reveille -- then waken, Comrades, rise!

Written by Rev. Dr. Ralph C. Robinson while on leave from St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Spring Grove and serving in the South Pacific during World War II in 1943.

Loyd Adams   Frank J. Altland Jr.
Charles E. Angel   Kenneth Anstine
Lewis Auchey    
Philip Baer   Melna A Bailey
Rodney L. Bankert   Raymond L. Baublitz
Allen L. Becker   Richard E. Becker
Frank Bialouas   Paul Bollinger
Molly Bortner   Robert J Bradley
Lyle J. Camp   Robert Camp
Norman Cesky   Oren A. Cole
Joseph Collare    
Dana A. Deamer   Russel E. Decker
Wilbur F. Eaton   James Erb
Timothy M. Fake   Dale Farence
Charles Feeser   Dallas Folkenroth
William Forry   Carl E. Frantz
Lewis E. Gable   Frank A. Galashefski
Richard E. Geisler   John Glatfelter
Kenneth (Woody) Glatfelter   P. H. Glatfelter, III
Rodger Gladfelter, Sr.   Robert E. Glatfelter
Burnell A. Goodwin   Melvin Gross
Ed Guyer    
Donald J. Hamme   Richard E. Hartman
James Hawkins   Donale Heiner
Stewart Heiner   Luther Heist
Allen Heldibridle   James Henry
Reginald C. Hershey   Brett Hess
Eugene A. Hinkle   Robert L. Hinkle
Russell A. Hinkle   Thomas Hinkle
William E. Hoare   Arthur L. Hoff
Paul Hoffman   Dean O. Holloway
Ralph Hoover    
Dennis Joseph    
John Kaltreider   Vincent E. Kaltreider
Lyle L. Keller   Charles E. Kemper
Wilson E. Kern   Richard G. Kessler
Lovere Klinedinst   Dewey Kohler
Ray Kopp   Wilford I. Kress
Marlyn Krout, Sr.    
Paul W. Lau   Charles Lauer
James St. Ledger, Jr.   David M. Leedy
Richard Lefever   Lloyd W. Leffler
James Lemon   Guy Lenhart
Charlie "Butch" Lentz   Dale Lentz
John E. Lint   Charles Lippey
Clarence W. Little   Richard P. Luchenbaugh
Ralph E. Markel   Jay Markle
Keith McKnight   Charles Messersmith
Harvey Messinger   Paul E. Messinger, Jr.
Richard Messinger   Russell "Jim" J Messersmith, II
John T. Moore   Hugh Morgan
Paul Moul   David Mummert
Kenneth Murphy   Curvin A. Myers
John E. Nace   Raymond M. Neff
Roy S. Newcomer   Wayne O. Noel
Carrol E. Poe    
Sterling Reichart   Melvin Rice
Dean Riley   Roger Riley
Jacob Rineman   Glenn L. Rohrbaugh
Earl C. Rohrbaugh   Elwood L. Rohrbaugh
Lester Rosenzweig   Lawrence Roser
Harry J. Sager   John Sauter
Clair E. Schrum   Richaed "Dick' Sell
Guy J. Senft   David J. Senft
David S. Senft, Jr.   James P. Senft
William H Shaffer, Sr.   Lloyd Shearer
Robert F. Shenberger   John F. Shutt, Jr.
Robert "Simmy" R. Simpson   Gerald Slagle
Gerald Slagle, Sr.   Lamar Smith
Harry C. Spangler   Harry E. Stambaugh
Eugene Stauffer   Joseph C. Stauffer
Harry Stauffer   Wayne E. Stough, Sr.
Robert Strausbaugh   Robert H. Strausbaugh
Ronald W "Bill" Strausbaugh   Glenn Sutton
James Sweeney    
Robert L. Thieret   Richard A. Thieret
Stewart A. Trone   William Trout
Charles L. Tyson    
N. L. Vigoletti    
Earl Wagner   Ed Warner
William Welty   Spurgeon E. Wildasin
James Williams, Jr.   Ralph Williams, Sr.
Robert L. Williams    Joseph A. Wilt
James Wolfe    
Robert J. Yingling, Sr.   George M. Yohe
Luther H. Yohe   Martin L. Yohe
John A. Zeigler    


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VFW Post 5265
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Post News Briefs


Veteran Assistance

Meet with PA Dept of VFW Veterans Service Officer Christine Frederick at our Post for help with claims, VA enrollment and more. To make an appointment, call 717-884-1705. Do not need to be a member of the VFW.

Scholarship Fund Feed

Sun., Feb. 11, noon - 4 PM Purchase tickets at the bar. Feed benefits Spring Grove High School students receiving scholarships from our Post.

VFW Essay Contests

Patriot's Pen 6-8th grade
V.O.D. 9-12th grade
New theme in March - Essays due Oct. 31, 2018. Program details are available on the post scholarships page.


Purchase flags at the post
- 12" x 18" Grave Marker Flag
- 3' x 5' Exterior Nylon Flag
- 4' x 6' Exterior Nylon Flag
- 5' x 8' Exterior Nylon Flag
Please contact the Steward or the QM to order flags not listed.

Bring unserviceable flags to our Post for proper disposal.

Happy Hour:
Monday 7 pm - 9 pm
Tuesday 5 pm - 7 pm
Wednesday 3 pm - 5 pm
Thursday 1 pm - 3 pm
Friday 11 am - 1 pm

Members must present their Post commemorative challenge coin or Ride To Remember Dog Tag for happy hour price.

Room Rentals Available

Details for renting the post dining room and the meeting room are available on the website dining room page.


Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veteran Affairs 
VFW Post 5265
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265


Sunday 9 am-12 am
Monday-Wednesday 11 am - 12 am
Thursday 11 am - 12 am

Friday-Saturday 9 am - 1 am*

*Last call may be 11:30 & close at 12



Wednesday & Friday: 4:30 pm - 8 pm

Chef Specials listed in Newsletter


Pvt. Allen J. Beck, Jr.

VFW Post 5265

199 West 1st Avenue

P.O. Box 54

Spring Grove, Pa 17362


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Commander - Bob Klinedinst

Quartermaster - Greg Chandler

Aux. President - Tina Hinkle


Steward - Bob Hinkle


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Dept. of Veteran Affairs

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Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 5265